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15 Athletes Who Cheated On Their Wives But Were Forgiven

   30.05.2018  4 Comments

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Top 5 Times Athletes Cheated With Their Teammates' Wives

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Athletes who cheated on their wives

Wade claimed he and Union were "on a break" at the time the child was conceived, but social media posts during the time the woman was impregnated proved that to be a lie. The rumours broke Bridge's career, as he not only refused to shake Terry's hand before games, but retired from international competition in order to avoid sharing the pitch with the Chelsea and England captain as well. The divorce was squashed and the two have since reconciled. He gave a press conference and apologized to his team, his wife and his children. When it turned out that the third child of the pair was white, this should have silenced the rumours, yet since they divorced soon after the child was born, they live on to this day. Athletes who cheated on their wives

Athletes who cheated on their wives

Athletes who cheated on their wives

Athletes who cheated on their wives

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  1. As you probably know, he wasn't the most faithful partner during his marriage with Elin Nordegren. Perhaps Savannah is okay with her husband stepping out on her as long as it's kept on the hush-hush. Well, she found life in the Duncan household so boring that she eventually decided to have an affair, despite having three children with the Spurs legend.

  2. The tweet was broadcasted to Allen's hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers and was retweeted and "favorited" thousands of times, as well. Intimate photos of Wang and the woman were put on blast by a Taiwanese newspaper, and instead of ignoring the accusations, Wang gave a press conference to apologize for his mistakes. Louis Blues teammate, Catherine Janney.

  3. Once Allen realized he had royally outed himself as a cheater, he claimed his account had been hacked.

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