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Mapped: The world’s most atheist countries

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Most atheist country in the world

This may be a particularly important consideration among people who have neutral attitudes, as it is more likely that prevailing social norms will influence the responses of such people on survey questions that effectively force respondents to categorize themselves either as belonging to a particular religion or belonging to no religion. Most religious: Also, many surveys on religious identification ask people to identify themselves as " agnostics " or "atheists", which is potentially confusing, since these terms are interpreted differently, with some identifying themselves as being agnostic atheists. It is difficult to determine actual atheist numbers. Twenty-three percent of Americans identified themselves as not at all religious, nearly double the 12 percent reported in He concludes that correlations does not necessarily indicate causation in either case. Survey designs may bias results due to the nature of elements such as the wording of questions and the available response options. Most atheist country in the world

Most atheist country in the world

Most atheist country in the world

Most atheist country in the world

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  1. Thailand, Nigeria, Kosovo and India. As with the atheism ranking, most high scores are achieved in Europe leaving little room for the explicitly faithful: Many places have very high scores of 'non-religious' people.

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