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The 80/20 Relationship Rule

   31.05.2018  5 Comments

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The Pareto Principle - 80/20 Rule - Do More by Doing Less (animated)

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80 20 rule in relationships

We, as humans, are always looking for the next best thing because as we all know, the grass is always greener on the other side, right? Closer than you can imagine. Can less really become more? With those figures as references and other observations, he developed a principle which later came to be known as the Pareto Principle or the 80 20 rule. I loved this viewpoint because it holds us accountable for obstacles that happen instead of blaming the other person. Dating Mistakes All Women Make at Least 10 times in a Relationship Women tend to make mistakes while they are dating a certain guy and because of these mistakes, the relationship fails to work. Find all you need to know about the no contact rule after breaking up with him. Scroll Down Why having your own personal space in a relationship might just bring you closer together You may have heard of the 5: 80 20 rule in relationships

80 20 rule in relationships

80 20 rule in relationships

80 20 rule in relationships

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  1. The 20 comes from the fact that our partners are not clones of us and have flaws just like we do. Remember the grass is greener wherever you water and nurture it.

  2. Human nature is sometimes hard to fully understand. Find all you need to know about the no contact rule after breaking up with him. This observation on relationships are completely subjective.

  3. Some couples can become so used to spending all their time together, they forget how to be apart. If you have, you must be wondering: Coming to grips with the fact that you too can be at fault will help the relationship rather than hinder it.

  4. That would mean perfection as in a perfect partner which is not really possible. This rule has made me revaluate all the relationships I have been in, as well as the ones I've considered beginning. This article is all about fixing these mistakes and start making changes.

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