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5 Things You Need To Know About Your Hairy Nipples

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Hairy boobs

When you're growing or your breasts swell during your period, your skin and its nerves stretch to make room for the extra fullness, which can make them ache like a sore muscle. Having breasts or nipples! Plus, these produces can be uncomfortable, especially on the sensitive skin around your nipples. Waxing Sugaring or waxing is a good hair removal option, though either one is likely to be painful. It is not unusual for nipples to be hairy, after all every part of human skin is covered in hair follicles. Nipple hairs?! Many girls grow wispy little hairs on their areolas the darker circles around the nipples , and how many you have depends on your hormones and your genes. As The Mirror UK notes, hair does a lot of good things for the body, including acting as a protective layer that provides warmth. Here are three common issues that may be causing your nips to sprout. Hairy boobs

Hairy boobs

Hairy boobs

Hairy boobs

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