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Is Ghirahim Gay or Just Coded That Way? - Queer Tropes in Video Games

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Tv tropes video games

Getting around is painful, even if you don't count forced encounter rooms that you're frequently forced to go through. There are four different continents in the game, with each occupying a roughly square space. Platformers The Blue Sphere special stages in the Sonic the Hedgehog series take place on checkered donuts, but visually projected onto a sphere. Or, supposedly, since some of them take place on a Floating Continent. Four X The Civilization series. A number of the Later Assassins Creed games, notably Black Flag, Origins and Odyssey, will have world maps that cover some very large areas compressed to a space of about square km, mostly cut travel times down to something playable rather then the days or weeks it would take in real life. Approximately 8 hours. From the New World takes place all over the Western Hemisphere. The above-mentioned fourth game also had a similar infinity in the swamp, which stretched out in every direction once you were sufficiently far away from the shore. Others suggest hyperbolic geometry. Tv tropes video games

Tv tropes video games

Tv tropes video games

Tv tropes video games

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  1. The fact that Kerbin is km across, but has the same gravity as earth, means it has a density about 10 times as great, or twice the density of osmium, the densest element known.

  2. Huge amounts of time were spent riding between cities in the Kingdom, but were edited out by the Animus. Ultima Online standard torus world map.

  3. Not only is the map a toroid, but the landmass is a giant ring once you reunite the two worlds.

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