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How Hypersexuality Works

Video about bipolar disorder and hypersexuality:

Bipolar disorder and hypersexuality

Examples of hypersexual behavior include: Unfortunately, the desire to contact him again ate at me. This high level of variability can impact a person's ability to pursue or maintain a long-term relationship. Although I do feel guilty every day for what I did, I no longer feel ashamed of myself. Bipolar disorder can challenge sexual relationships in a number of distinct ways: Unfortunately, medical professionals may seem awkward in talking about this as well. This, coupled with their increased hypersexuality, can lead to sexual binges and dangerous sexual encounters that can harm them physically, as well as harm their significant others emotionally. An important part of that is due to the amygdala, an almond-shaped structure deep inside the cerebral hemisphere that regulates fear and panic, and controls the endorphin receptors related to a feeling of well-being. Numerous MRI studies have confirmed that bipolar patients have significantly greater cerebral blood flow to the left amygdala, suggesting that abnormalities in this brain structure may be implicated in the illness. Bipolar disorder and hypersexuality

Bipolar disorder and hypersexuality

Bipolar disorder and hypersexuality

Bipolar disorder and hypersexuality

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